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Dress Code

Students shall dress appropriately for daily attendance at school. The style and type of clothing and hair style are individual and personal. The school shall be concerned only when these are determined to be extreme and could cause school distraction or disruption, or be unsafe. Shoes must be worn at all times for reasons of safety. Examples of inappropriate clothing include:

  • Flimsy shoes, flip-flops, open toed shoes
  • Garments where the midriff is exposed, i.e. tube tops, half shirt, halters or where the cleavage/chest or back is exposed.
  • Clothing or buttons which show obscene words or pictures, or sexually suggestive statements
  • Hats, caps or head coverings such as hoods *
  • Clothing relating to juvenile gang-type activities
  • Garments where the entire thigh is exposed, such as microminis, or short shorts
  • Bathing suits, flimsy, silky shorts
  • Baggy, saggy pants/shorts that may show undergarments

Teachers or administrators may make a judgment concerning clothing in regard to student safety.

*Head coverings worn for cultural/religious purposes are acceptable. Hats worn for sun protection may be worn outside with a doctor's note.